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Messaging Service

Business Messaging Service, which provides enterprise integrated marketing environments

Convenient Bulk Messaging Solution with integrated email and SMS features.

We are continually seeking even better ways to provide a consistent and convenient mail service. We strive to improve the quality of our service, based on our fundamental value of ‘customer satisfaction.’

IssueMailer develops and operates integrated marketing environment autonomously based on our own IT technology. IssueMailer is an enterprise messaging solution that delivers bulk messages quickly, precisely, and stably.


Service Features

Supports all short(SMS), long(LMS), and multimedia(MMS) messages

  • SMS – Up to 80 bytes
  • LMS – More than 80 bytes and up to 2,000 bytes
  • MMS – More than 1,000 bytes and up to 2,000 bytes

Provides both reservations and repeat delivery

Provides API interconnection modules for message delivery service (free)

What is the API interconnection?

  • It is a way to use an SMS service without a login where you apply API modules that we provide into your websites.
  • DirectSend provides API interconnection modules for various developer languages maximizing the customer’s convenience.
  • Designed for enterprise solutions that maintain an optimal secure state and protects safely from the virus, spyware, and more.

Detailed result report, and saved permanently

  • Able to check the status: sent, failed, and rejected.
  • Provides detailed delivery results and failure factor analysis

Supports TXT, Excel, and external database interconnection

  • Able to send messages easily and quickly through interconnecting external contacts

Provides convenient UI and integrated address book

  • Address book management integrated with email, fax, and more.
  • Manage group contacts, individual contacts, and a separate external database.

Supports both bulk and continuous delivery

Service Features

Compose email

  • You can compose emails with ease and comfort using intimate or familiar UIs and DAUM editors.
  • Provides must-know information for DM marketing, support reservations and automatic emails.

Send email

  • You can interconnect external databases with a single click
  • Meet the fast and safe DB interconnection.
  • DirectSend can deliver bulk emails quickly and precisely.

Check the Result of emails

  • You can see in one glance, graphs that check open rates, click rates, and sending success rates.
  • Start DM marketing more effectively through result report.


  • Do you need clients’ or users’ opinions? You can use survey features from DirectSend. You can create and deliver survey formats easily and quickly and you can check the results.

Integrated Address Book

  • Provides feature for interconnecting external database and managing address books by individuals and groups.
  • All of DirectSend’s service supports an integrated address book.
  • You are able to multi-channel marketing since the email, SMS, and web-fax services’s address books are managed and operated together.
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