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Cloud Hosting

The Best Service and Hosting at a Reasonable Price

Verified genuine server, stable line, and IT operations know-how with over 20 years of technology.

Direct provides the best service through verified hardware with the latest technology and an accumulated IT service operation know-how. We provide a stable and reliable service with tech support by technical professionals.

Direct server hosting service provides all the needs such as equipment and technology for server operation. Examples are the fast high-capacity dedicated line, reliable network management service, and more.


Service Features

01 The industry’s first best premium hosting

  • Shared Hosting: web hosting, mail hosting, solution hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting: server hosting, colocation standalone server mail hosting
  • Cloud Hosting: cloud for managing, database cloud

02 Business dedicated hosting

  • Tech support by technical engineers.
  • Stability througha dual web server and database server
  • Various features that are appropriated according to user pattern

03 Official .kr domain name registrar by KISA

  • In 2006, selected as an official KR domain name registrar by KISA.

04 Official country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) registrar by ICANN.

  • In 2007, selected as an official global domain name registrar by ICANN.

05 Various value-added services

  • Various value-added secure services
  • Domain registry service
  • Essential value-added features such as certification, electronic approval, legal action, SMS, and more

Service Features

01 Verified hardware with the latest specifications

  • Using HP, IBM, Dell, Fusitsu, and more verified major brand’s genuine servers
  • Agent services to maintain hardware
  • Able to choose various hardware

02 Business optimized services

  • Tech support with server hosting professional engineers

03 Dedicated (Fixed bandwidth) service through high-capacity backbone networks

  • Basically a 100MB dedicated line

04 Various value-added services

  • Various value-added secure service (IPS, IDS, firewall)
  • Domain register service
  • Essential value-added features such as SSL certification, electronic approval, legal action, SMS, and more
  • Managed Service: server management service
  • Secure service: Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, IPS
  • Payment Gate Service: Digital payment services from various affiliated companies

05 Infrastructure environment for stable service

  • Incorporate expert IDC centers with earthquake-resistant, disaster preventable, dust proof, and dampness proof designs
  • Multi-IDC environments (Bundang KT IDC, Bundang Hostway IDC)
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