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Cloud Business Solution

Easy, Convenient, and Cloud-Based Business Solution

Global Standard Platform-Based Stable Service

We are continually seeking even better ways to provide a consistent and convenient mail service. We strive to improve the quality of our service, based on our fundamental value of 'customer satisfaction.' We are leaping to unmatched corporation based on customers’ trust.


Groupware Service

Direct Cloud Groupware ensures high stability for security against accidents since implementation is based on Microsoft Office technology, which is used in about 200 countries around the world.


Electronic Approval

  • Approve/Reject anytime, anywhere through multi-device environments.
  • Real-time mail notification for authorization progress, just click to approve.
  • Register and edit draft formats freely in accordance with business characteristics.
  • Interconnect electronic approval data with SAP ERP, HRMS, and more.

Attendance Management

  • Punctuality management included punching in/out, vacation/leave, official holiday’s
  • Download excel file attendance record
  • Check attendance status through the attendance record for each user (Annual leave management)


  • Manage tasks and projects easily
  • Represent bar charts or Gantt charts as scheduled
  • Check the schedule including remained, prearranged and finished projects in a glance through ‘summary view’ feature
  • Document management separately according to projects, and newsfeed feature

Manage Board/Customer

  • Able to create message boards quickly and easily
  • Features include comments, file attachment, access management, sharing, notifications
  • Features to manage information of contacts and clients
  • Able to check data according to sales stage/phrase/step.

Document Management

  • Quick and easy to register, edit documents, and compatible with MS Office
  • MS Office Web version free to use
  • Check edited and recent documents in a glance
  • Supports quick search and version control through tree structured documents
  • Supports sharing, access right control, real time synchronization, and document preview

Schedule Management

  • Schedule management using calendars, and a convenient UI
  • Create and edit schedules easily by team, department, or individual
  • Create repeating schedules (By day, week, weekdays, month, or year)
  • Notify schedule by email, and set-up notification frequency (Outlook calendar interconnection)

Team Site

  • Various features like task management and document sharing by team/department workspace.
  • (Web version) interconnection, and task management features
  • Separate news feed and document control features
  • Shortcuts for frequently-used documents and functions

Office 365

Direct offers a cloud service which provides Office, mail, an online schedule, document management, cooperation, online conferencing as a Microsoft CSP Partner.


01 Whenever, wherever access and maintain up-to-date status

  • Can be Installation up to 15 devices (5 PCs or MACs, 5 tablets, 5 phones) per person
  • Operates across all the same working environment as the PC, web browser, tablet, mobile and others
  • Continually synchronization in real time so always has the latest updates
  • Same office program interface anytime, anywhere

02 Always FREE upgrade to the latest version

  • Feel free to upgrade to the newest version without any additional cost
  • Easy on-going maintenance since always provided the latest, up-to-date products
  • Same environment (e.g documents, files) across all devices, including the desktop

03 Powerful cooperative environment through 1TB of OneDrive per user

  • Real-time editing document jointly, access right and version control for documents
  • OneDrive for Business, and 1TB of personal cloud storage

04 Easy to Install

  • You can install easily and quickly without a CD anytime, anywhere.
  • You can just click to install to On-Premise (directly install on PC).

Digital Tax Invoice

DirectBill’s digital tax invoice ensures high stability for security against accidents since implementation is based on Microsoft Office technology, which is used in about 200 countries around the world. It supports MS Office compatibility, groupware’s essential features, and customizing.


Directbill Features

  • Issue digital tax invoice the way you want, and send it to the National Tax Service.
  • Solve complex paperwork simply.
  • Provides powerful system interconnection.
  • Recipients are able to approve by email attachment without signing up.

DirectBill solution interconnect flow

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